Every few years, public health agencies and hospitals reach out to community members to help shape decisions about improving our community’s health.  In Sioux County, this is the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).  Community Health Partners, Hawarden Regional Healthcare, Hegg Health Center, Orange City Area Health System, Sioux Center Health, and Promise Community Health Center worked together to complete both community and county-wide community health needs assessments.

Step 1.  Collect Data – Our Community Health Needs Assessment included reviewing data from existing data sources, conducting a county-wide survey, and conducting focus groups. 

A brief summary of Sioux County’s health status gives an overview of key health areas.  If you’d like a more complete overview of the process, please contact us as [email protected].

Step 2. Community Input – Community stakeholders gathered to review data and provide input to create a community vision for Sioux County that is based on community needs and values. These stakeholders included community members and representatives of local organizations who provide services within Sioux County.

Step 3. Prioritize Community Health Needs – Based on data review and stakeholder input, a prioritized a list of strategic issues was developed.  Priorities for inclusion in the health improvement plan were chosen based on a review of the needs and available resources to address those needs.

Step 4. Develop a County Health Improvement Plan – The Health Improvement Plan was created to address the following priority needs: Healthy Living, Community Resources, and Mental Health and Well-being.  Within each of these categories, we have identified objectives and strategies.

Healthy Living
Access to Community Resources
Mental Health and Wellbeing

Step 5. Check our Progress – Because the Sioux County Health Improvement Plan is for all of Sioux County, checking our progress includes activities you are involved in!  Use this form (link) to share activities and report your contributions related to the Health Improvement Plan goals.  Each year, we’ll add an update to this section to share the ways we are making progress toward our community goals.