Every few years, public health agencies and hospitals reach out to community members to help shape decisions about improving our community’s health.  In Sioux County, this is the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).  Community Health Partners, Hawarden Regional Healthcare, Hegg Health Center, Orange City Area Health System, Sioux Center Health, and Promise Community Health Center work together to complete both community and county-wide Community Health Assessments.

Step 1. Planning – In 2022 a collaborative group with representatives from CHP, the four hospitals, and Promise CHC began work on the Community Health Assessment. The group identified data indicators to be included in the data review and also considered community stakeholders to be included in outreach efforts. It was decided to use a questionnaire developed by the Bureau of Public Health Performance of Three Key Questions to pose to existing community groups in Sioux County. Those questions were:  1) Based on your interactions with the people you serve, what are the three most important issues/topics we need to focus on to improve health in our community? 2) What reasons lead you to choose each? 3) Are there things that already exist in our community that we can capitalize on to make/sustain improvement?

Step 2. Assessment – Using secondary data sources, a  2022 Community Health Status Report was developed and reviewed by the collaborative group. A community health consultant met with stakeholders at existing community groups, facilitating discussions on health needs using the Three Key Questions.  A web-based questionnaire of the Three Key Questions was also sent out to additional community groups to gather community input.

Step 3. Prioritization – A summary of health needs identified through community input was shared with the collaborative group. That information, together with the secondary data, was used by the group to prioritize needs in Sioux County. Prioritized needs were chosen for inclusion in the Community Health Improvement Plan based on a review of the needs and available resources to address those needs. The process, information (data and community input) and prioritized needs are summarized in the 2022 Sioux County Community Health Assessment.

Step 4. Develop a County Health Improvement Plan – The County Health Improvement Plan was created to address the following priority needs: Mental Health, Heart Disease Prevention/Healthy Living, and Health Care Access. In each of these plans we have identified a goal, objectives, strategies, as well as considered how health equity and the social determinants of health impact each area.

Mental Health

Heart Disease Prevention/Healthy Living

Health Care Access

Step 5. A Scorecard is used to monitor the progress of our Community Health Improvement Plan. The scorecard will be updated at the end of each fiscal year – June 30, 2024, June 30, 2025, and June 30 2026.