Health Promotion and Education

Health is more than an absence of illness and disease. Health encompasses all aspects of our lives and our communities play a crucial role in determining our health. We need to consider if our communities provide safe and stable housing, food security, adequate space and opportunities for physical activity, time for ample rest, a sense of belonging to and contributing to one’s community and emotional health and well-being.

When people’s basic needs are met – when they are safely housed, have enough food to eat, enough money to survive, access to health care, a high quality education, and other essentials – they have reduced stress and are more likely to have better physical health as a result.

Public Health strives to promote and improve the health of all who live, learn, work, and play in our communities by collaborating with community partners to address all these things.

Public health working collaboratively with all sectors of the community saves money, improves quality of life, and helps both the community and the individual thrive.

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