With the rise in number of new COVID-19 cases across the country, and with the ease with which the Delta variant spreads, Sioux County health care providers ask that all those eligible (anyone 12 and older) seriously consider getting the COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves and others from serious illness.

The percentage of fully vaccinated individuals living in Sioux County is currently only 33.6%. This leaves many in our county unvaccinated, including the 25% of people age 65 and older who are at highest risk of hospitalization and death related to COVID-19.

Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19.  Vaccines:

  • are highly effective in reducing serious illness, hospitalization, and death in those who are fully vaccinated.
  • decrease the opportunity for more variants to develop. When more people are vaccinated, the virus has fewer opportunities to spread and fewer chances to mutate.
  • prepare your body to fight the virus to help protect you from serious illness.
  • are safe. Scientists have been working on this vaccine technology for 30 years. The vaccines were approved quickly—not because corners in safety or testing were cut. It was only the red tape that typically slows the development process that was cut.
  • are readily available and provided at no charge to anyone regardless of their health insurance status. Vaccine is available at all health care providers in the county: Hawarden Regional Health, Hegg Health Center, Orange City Area Health System, Sioux Center Health, and Promise Community Health Center. Vaccine is also available at Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart, and Lewis Drug pharmacies (see siouxcovid.org for details on which vaccines are available at which locations).

Many have questions and concerns about COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccination is a personal choice worth considering— for your own health and for the people you care about. Please reach out to your trusted health care provider or your local public health agency (Community Health Partners) with your questions.  Medical personnel are available and willing to answer questions that will help you make an informed decision.

If you have questions about COVID-19 or vaccinations, contact Community Health Partners at (712) 737-2971, or your health care provider.