Early detection could save your life. Get a free or low-cost breast and cervical cancer screening through the Care for Yourself Program. Cancer found early means early treatment. Earlier treatment can mean a better outcome.
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Worried about cost?
The Care for Yourself Program offers free or low-cost healthcare services to eligible individuals.

You may qualify if you:
• Are between the ages 40-64 years of age;
• Are under age 40 and have signs of breast cancer;
• Have a monthly income of $2,658 (net) or less;
*Add $934 for each additional household member
• Have no health insurance; or
• Have health insurance, but are unable to pay the co-payment or deductible; or
• Have health insurance but need help to make sure make sure you get screened

Siouxland District Health Department coordinates this program locally and across neighboring counties by providing enrollment and case management services. The actual screening services are provided at your own physician’s office, at the local hospitals in Sioux County, and at Promise Community Health Center.

To check your eligibility and to enroll contact:

Elizabeth Hanson

(712) 279-6119

[email protected]

Ana Lopez, Siouxland District Health
(712) 279-6119
[email protected]

For more information on breast cancer see: https://idph.iowa.gov/cfy/breast-cancer.
For more information about cervical cancer see: https://idph.iowa.gov/cfy/cervical-cancer