Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), includes a broad range of conditions that often present as challenges with social skills, speech, learning and behavior. ASD can also create sensory sensitivities and a variety of other medical issues. The number of individuals impacted by autism has been increasing.  Early recognition and intervention is important. Resources are available to help with diagnosis and ongoing support.

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Behavioral Assessment and Referrals

NorthWest Area Education Agency (NWAEA) can help with behavioral assessment and referrals. Call (712) 222-6050.

  • In-home services until age 3 (Early Access)
  • In-school services after age 3
  • Speech and physical therapy services
  • IEP (Individualized Education Program) development
Who can Make a Diagnosis?

Your child’s primary care provider can do an evaluation and refer for diagnostic testing. You have several options for diagnostic testing.

Sanford Children’s Specialty Clinic | Sioux Falls | (605) 312-1000

Children’s Health Specialty Clinic | Sioux City | (712) 224-5437

  • Completes a virtual visit with the University of Iowa
  • Regional Autism Assistance Program based out of the University of Iowa
  • Family navigators

LifeScape Autism and Child Development Center | Sioux Falls | (605) 444-9700 | 1-800-584-9294

University of Iowa | Iowa City | 1-855-842-8847

  • Center for Disabilities and Development
  • UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital

UNMC Monroe-Meyer Institute | Omaha | (402) 559-6418

  • Autism Diagnostic Clinic – Referral can be made by a healthcare pforessional, school, social services agency, or family member
  • CARE (Community Autism Resource Eduation) – A free program in English and Spanish for caregivers of individuals with autism. Autism experts will respond to caregiver-generated questions through videos, phone calls, and/or emails.
What to do After Diagnosis

Apply for Medicaid

  • Iowa Autism Support – A state grant for families that do not qualify for Medicaid. Provides income-based funding for ABA therapy for children under the age of 14.

Apply for Waivers

  • Health and Disability – Usually the most applicable waiver for individuals with autism.
  • Children’s Mental Health
  • Intellectual Disability

Apply for SSI

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Income-based

Consider ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy

Consider Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and mental health resources as they apply to your child and family

  • Available at healthcare systems throughout Sioux County

Contact your child’s preschool or school

Consider mental health services for your child and family

ABA Therapy

Pier Center for Autism | Sioux City | (712) 552-2961

  • Parent Education
  • Social Smart Small Groups
  • Daily Living Skills Programs

Rise ABA | 1524 14th St. Rock Valley | (712) 470-8211

Thrive Center | Sioux Center | (712) 722-6951

LifeScape Autism and Child Development Center | Sioux Falls | (605) 444-9700 | 1-800-584-9294

Briar Cliff University Behavior Analysis Clinic | Sioux City | (712) 279-5480

Stride Autism Center | Sioux City | (515-207-5251)

Become Best | Sioux City | (712-746-7447)


Speech Therapy

Requires a referral from a provider

Hawarden Regional Healthcare | (712) 551-3100

Hegg Health Center | Rock Valley | (712) 476-8000

Orange City Area Health System | (712) 737-2000

Sioux Center Health | (712) 722-1271

HOPE Therapy Services | Le Mars | (712) 541-6440

Bloom Therapy | Sioux Falls | (605) 271-3464

LifeScape Autism and Child Development Center | Sioux Falls | (605) 444-9700 | 1-800-584-9294

Additional Resources

Facebook Siouxland Autism Support Group | Private Facebook group

Autism Society of Iowa

Iowa Family Support Network

Autism Navigator

Autism Speaks

ASK Resource Center | 1-800-450-8667

  • State of Iowa’s Parent Training and Information Center for families of children with disabilities
  • Resource library and training webinars.

Camp High Hopes | (712) 224-2267

Seasons/Camp Autumn | (712) 262-2922 | 1-800-242-5101